At Propaclean as part of our comprehensive Upholstery Cleaning Services we provide onsite Fabric Protection Applications to protect your valuable belongings from future water and oil based stains.
We use and recommend FIBRELOC which is manufactured by Research Products.

Until recently it was accepted that a water based stain protection was not as effective as solvent based ones. The reason being that the fluorocarbons active in protectors needed a solvent base to disperse effectively.

FIBRELOC uses new water based technology which enables it to increase adhesion to a previouslyunmatched levels.

FIBRELOC is the only water based technology available that gives superior performance compared to solvent based products on upholstery. This eliminates your exposure to toxic or flammable solvents and there is no adverse effect on existing fire retardants that may also be present in your fabric.

The best time to apply these treatments is immediately after cleaning.

This is what we offer you: