Price Guide for Carpet Steam Cleaning  

 All Carpet Steam Cleaning includes the power vacuuming and treatment of all stains prior to steam cleaning. Please contact our office if you have any questions. 

Steam Clean
Bedroom $44.00 $7.50
Living Room $49.50 $10.00
Dining Room $44.00 $7.50
Lounge/ Dining $88.00 $14.50
Hallway $38.50 $7.00
Stairs $38.50 $7.50
Landing from $10.00 from $2.50
Rugs from $49.50 from $5.00
Larger areas & Commercial $3.00 per m2 $1.00 per m2
  • All Prices inclusive of GST.
  • Minimum charge of $88.00
  • All prices include the power vacuuming of carpet prior to cleaning.
  • The above is a guide, larger rooms or areas will be priced at $3.00 per m2
  • The above prices do not include the moving of small items and furniture,
  • Prices may vary depending on condition and size of rooms.

This is what we offer you: