At Propaclean we have over 15 years’ experience in Professional Carpet Dry Cleaning, servicing domestic and commercial clients.
Our services are available throughout Northern Sydney, The Central Coast, Newcastle and Lower Hunter regions. Why not call now for a free no obligation site assessment and quotation.
We recommend Dry Cleaning for carpet which has light to medium soiling and especially where drying time is an issue and more convenient.
Our technicians are equipped with Professional Dry Cleaning Equipment and trained in the best operation and techniques.

Our Dry Cleaning Service includes.

The first part of the Carpet Dry Cleaning process is to ‘Power Vacuum’ of all areas. A ‘Power Vacuum’ has a powered rotating brush which gets down deep into the pile.
All carpet and staining is then treated with Dry Cleaning Solution which is dirt and stain encapsulating agent and broad spectrum stain remover. This solution is allowed to settle into the pile breaking down and encapsulate the stains ready to be removed .
(Optional) At this stage the carpets can also be treated with general or specific odour eliminators your carpet may require.
The carpet is then dry cleaned, stains removed and carpet clean and fresh. This is done by using micro fibre absorption pad with a carpet buffer. The pads remove the dissolved and encapsulated stains from the carpet. An added bonus of modern encapsulating solutions is that the crystal polymers are dry not sticky and any remaining residue is easily removed with subsequent vacuuming.

Here are some benefits of using Propaclean for your Carpet Dry Cleaning.


Our aim is provide the best Carpet Dry Cleaning Service available for your home or office at very competitive prices. We achieve this by having a good reliable team, professional equipment, comprehensive training and a Professional attitude towards our clients and our service.


With 15 years’ experience in Carpet Dry Cleaning we are well equipped to tackle all of your needs. All of our staff is trained by the owner of the company, one on one so can be sure that a high standard is set.


We believe in our Carpet Dry Cleaning Service so much that we offer a 100% satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not completely happy with the service we will return free of charge to rectify any issues. Unfortunately not all stains are removable. Our promise to you is that using all of our knowledge, specialist cleaning solutions and equipment we will make our best efforts to remove all removable stains without damaging your carpet. If you are not satisfied that this has been done we will return free of charge.


We believe that our prices offer great value for money. A professional service at a competitive price.


We really pride ourselves on being on time and being reliable. As a company we feel this is important and something that a lot of our competitors drop the ball on regularly. We operate on a first in first served booking basis. If we are running late we will give you a call and let you know.

Why not combine your carpet dry cleaning service with one or more of our other services and save time and money. See our package deal options.

This is what we offer you: